Looking over my past and fears.

Yesterday I really made one big step to what seems like a promising future.

I guess most of my drawbacks in life are influenced by presence of fear of failure,fear of what could happen. But lets face it we all gotta be a little fearless and I thank God about blogging. I can be able to talk about it.

I really love fashion,I love looking good I mean who doesn’t? But sometimes I felt I wasnt good enough. I allowed people to take advantage of me. I allowed friends to influence me into new habits both the good and the bad; but ” bad habits ruin good morals”. I honestly aint sure what I was after because right now things that mattered don’t anymore. 

I really would like to influence someone get over their fears, my favourite reference being the book “Amazing Results of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale.

He says one big factor in doing something about fear is to keep your head high and not panic. As long as you can think calmly you can think rationally. The only way God can guide you through any situation is through your thoughts and even He cannot get through panicky thoughts to direct you.

  1. Know what it is that you are afraid of. pinpoint it. Isolate it. Know exactly what you are dealing with.
  2. Study origins and reasons for being afraid. If you are not sure you can always get some expert councelling.
  3. Get the ofear out in the open where you can attack it. Always you will be surprised what a puny thing has been frightening you.
  4. Cram your mind full of faith thoughts, for fear cannot occupy the mind when its full of faith. The more faith you have the less fear.
  5. Pray that God will help you release the necessary mental and spiritual strength. Again pray.
  6. Affirm always that by the grace of God you are more than equal to any fearsome situation.
  7. Keep uppermost the most powerful thought and fact of all -‘ i am not alone. God is my friend,my support. He os always with me.

This really helped me. Now I can walk with no fear or shame. I can openly say no to some of the habits i had picked up and I can freely say what I want or dont want. I feel like I’ve brocken free from some chains..

Day2 Cultural week Moi university


Hit the Refresh Button on Your Finances


If you are one of the many bloggers that worked to pay off your debt, then you know the sweet feeling that debt freedom can bring. Congrats by the way, for accomplishing an awesome life changing goal.

However, you might also realize that if you are not careful, old habits start creeping back. It might be using the credit card and not paying off the balance in full, not making monthly payments towards your savings (this is why pre-authorize monthly contributions are so important), tracking your spending or sticking to your budget. Whatever it may be, we all have our achilles.

Here are a three tips that can help you hit the refresh button on your finances and remain excited and motivated once you are out of debt:

  1. Rethink the priorities in your budget.

If you are aggressively working towards debt repayment, then your budgeting priorities are pretty straight forward…

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Mwende's Notebook

The chill that is biting my ungloved hands is immense. I am sitted at the 7A seat on an Easy Coach Premier, coming from what my mom may call a life saving mission. I would also call it that, but I am one with a habit of giving credit to whom it belongs to.

In this moment, a stone has been hurled at our bus windscreen, (I do not know by whom), and I have been jolted back from dreamland just when I was washing my hands at the door to settle in. I am suffering the superstitious ” Hii Safari imeanza vibaya” thoughts, just as the lady seated at 7B whom I assisted lean in her seat when we departed. There is something about me and making a raport with strangers in travel. You never know. For instance, I helped this one lean in because she looked tired but…

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Bell Sleeves

Her style is just beautiful


img-20170220-wa0008 Let’s talk about big Trends and Bell Sleeves

img-20170220-wa0004 If you thought that jeans are the only thing sporting some flare then you thought wrong. Bell sleeves are a huge trend right now. This style tends to turn a simple silhouette into a fashion forward look.

img-20170220-wa0007 Bell sleeve tops can be worn with just any bottom, isn’t versatility what we always go for when buying clothes?

img-20170220-wa0009 For today’s outfit, I got this stripped bell sleeve and I paired with a pair of denim jeans.

img-20170220-wa0006 What are your thoughts on bell sleeves? Are you going to give them a try?? Thanks for stopping by, Have a fashionable week. Fay.

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Why does being young really feel like holding a fragile and precious bird in the hand? Lemme refer to Ecclesiastes 11;9-10 

Young people enjoy your youth. Be happy while you are still young. Do what you want to do, and follow your heart’s desire. But remember that God is going to judge you for whatever you do. 

Do not let anything worry you or cause you pain. You aren’t going to be young very long.

okay yeah, I’m a 3rd year university student yet I don’t have  a clue what life is going to be out there after 4th year. I get pressured alot. You know from parents to elder siblings to the society. They all expect great things from us.

Sometimes I feel like I’m doing nothing, haha I feel I gotta be out there doing stuff you know. Get started in life you know.

when I was really small, we used to live in the country side. I hated the rainy season, but hey my mum loved it because it meant time to sow her food crops. I hated it because of the mud. but again I didn’t like the dry season either. Mahn human wants are insatiable. 
 the dust, on my face, hair and feet. you know I always wanted to really look good,.. dress well, be free of flu, dying to get my eyes to be clear and not red, eat and not have problems with appetite, I’ve always dreamed of a better day, better things, better neighborhood, better soaps, better care, better everything. But all of this is stored tension and pressure. Learn to walk in God’s pace. Its always the best. 

Take a holiday from tension while you can. Throw away your watch temporarily; build little islands of peace into your days. Study well, practice the peace of God and don’t compare lifestyles. Do what pleases you and pleases God ,make your purity a priority and have a clear conscience. With this you grow gradually with peace, tranquility and poise.