Please don’t judge me, and I won’t judge you. Cause it could get ugly before it gets beautiful.. 

So here I am after a while without writing. 

Oops where are my manners, hallo everyone. I hope Valentines treated you good. You got flowers maybe, or you wrote a beautiful message to someone you like. 😊

Hey , I’m a lover, I’ve always been very adventurous obviously looking for love.⚘❤….. I’ll always root for love. I preach love. 

But lemme tell you about my favourite adventure. After trying by myself to find a soul mate to no avail, I decided to try online dating. Tinder? Anyone? So I googled best dating apps and found tinder had a good rating that was in uhmm September’17.. I set up my profile, swiped right to a coupla guys,aged between 28-50 because obviously I don’t wanna date a kid just like me 23, 😶

 First day on tinder and then I met him… oh my God, a well built man, didnt ask to see my V first day we chatted.,asked what I liked, so handsome, a guy straight out of a movie, in short I was like daaaaaamn he’s hot!

All other tinder guys just wanted to see if i wanted to have quick casual sexual encounters but uhmm, a lady respects herself. So I decided to stick to one person:) nothing is guaranteed really but that is the whole point of it all, excitements of knowing someone new, sharing your life stories with a complete stranger, anticipating the day you’ll finally meet and the way forwad after that. 😊

After talking for 5 months without seeing each other , we met in Kisumu…. I dont know if we’ll continue seeing each other but I will treasure the memories of that weekend forever. 👄

My next post is coming up. But before that, tell me what drives you in Love on the comments, tell me something about your current love life, have you ever tried Tinder? How did your date go? Vent below😊

With love, Ester


Merry Christmas 😍😍😘


Mwende's Notebook

The chill that is biting my ungloved hands is immense. I am sitted at the 7A seat on an Easy Coach Premier, coming from what my mom may call a life saving mission. I would also call it that, but I am one with a habit of giving credit to whom it belongs to.

In this moment, a stone has been hurled at our bus windscreen, (I do not know by whom), and I have been jolted back from dreamland just when I was washing my hands at the door to settle in. I am suffering the superstitious ” Hii Safari imeanza vibaya” thoughts, just as the lady seated at 7B whom I assisted lean in her seat when we departed. There is something about me and making a raport with strangers in travel. You never know. For instance, I helped this one lean in because she looked tired but…

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Bell Sleeves

Her style is just beautiful


img-20170220-wa0008 Let’s talk about big Trends and Bell Sleeves

img-20170220-wa0004 If you thought that jeans are the only thing sporting some flare then you thought wrong. Bell sleeves are a huge trend right now. This style tends to turn a simple silhouette into a fashion forward look.

img-20170220-wa0007 Bell sleeve tops can be worn with just any bottom, isn’t versatility what we always go for when buying clothes?

img-20170220-wa0009 For today’s outfit, I got this stripped bell sleeve and I paired with a pair of denim jeans.

img-20170220-wa0006 What are your thoughts on bell sleeves? Are you going to give them a try?? Thanks for stopping by, Have a fashionable week. Fay.

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