Smart girls don’t need tricks and lies to get what they want. Matter of fact, we represent hard work, strength and charity. We have been through the storm and survived. We don’t use our beauty and charms to manipulate people into getting what we want because we can get it anyway!

Being a girl of substance is as much acknowledging your power as it is being humble about it. Believe it or not a nation is made or broken by its women, we can hold up or tear a house, make love or make war.

You must recognize that power isn’t about winning, or about cameras flashing but its about believing in yourself, creating a sisterhood, asking for what you want straight up, showing up and never giving up.

Here are some few tricks to live by.

  • check your emotions
  • remain true to your dreams
  • cut and let go when shit aint right somewhere
  • do not settle for less
  • be ready for power and all that comes with it
  • stand proud, because you are a girl with power!

My body is Here but My Mind Is Far Away.

I always feel like I want to be somewhere else all the time.

This journey,

I Can’t focus on the little rocks I stumble on. I can’t focus on the reasons why I can’t be where I wanna be.

All I can think of, is my future. The exciting part, the almost unsure part.

But my hopeful mind will never tire.

Until the day I find home, where I belong.

I wish you luck in finding your place, your home in this vast world. 😘😘


Good morning,…😊 I want to share something on faith in God. Because I previously had a challenging conversation with a friend who didn’t believe in God. Or in Jesus. But he prayed for success and riches from this supreme being he didn’t believe in! His experiment on the existence of a Supreme being depends on whether he gets rich or not. Now that’s the problem.

Some people think if they were rich and could afford
everything they would be happy. They believe that their wealth would be a sign of God’s love for them. But material comfort does not necessarily mean that you are filled with God’s love or that God approves of yourlife. Money alone doesn’t make you happy. A proverb says, “The more you have, the more you want”, and in reality you can often observe this attitude in the world. People are never satisfied with what they have, no matter how much it may be. Jesus said to them,

“Take care! Be on your guard against all kinds of greed;
for one’s life does not consist in the abundance of possessions “(Luke 12:15).